Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps us develop resilience and clarity of purpose as well as transformational habits of thinking. Our unconscious cognitive bias can create limiting beliefs that influence our confidence and performance in all areas of life.

Having your own personal coach will be the most powerful opportunity to create thinking breakthroughs in all areas of your life. It simply involves regular meetings in person, or online, and answering coaching questions that present insights into how you can become conscious of, and free from, anxious or insecure thinking. You will also receive a range of take away resources, bespoke to your needs and online access to your coach for extra support. There may be coaching challenges to help build your new thinking habits that will make you more resilient, confident and clear about your next steps in life.

Jackie’s wide range of experience as Advanced Skills Teacher, Headteacher, trainer and business owner means she is exceptionally well placed to give you the coaching support you need to nurture your own wellbeing and fulfil your leadership potential in your own style.

Jackie has been a coach for several years supporting a wide range of clients from teenagers to business professionals and school leaders. She spent five years as a School Improvement Partner mentoring and coaching Head teachers and has worked with a wide range of school leaders in a variety of schools.

She is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a fully qualified Clarity coach and is currently also training to be a PQ coach. As a coach, Jackie’s passion is to help you create the life you love, the success you deserve and the happiness that comes from understanding how to manage your mind. She has been on the journey herself so knows how powerful coaching can be.

Coaching for mental fitness

‘We all understand how having a personal coach to build our physical fitness and wellbeing works well to keep us motivated and healthy. I am offering the chance to build the same resilience in mental health so you can respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. This involves changing thinking habits – for good! This will enable you to fulfil your potential at work, have healthy relationships, peace of mind and success with happiness.’
Jackie Beere

Jackie offers a free discovery meeting online to see if she is able to meet your needs. Then a proposal to work together for a period will be offered for consideration.

Coaching for your organisation

If you are interested in developing coaching for your team or your whole staff, Jackie offers group or team training and models for introducing coaching to make maximum impact on results. Her best selling books ‘The Perfect Teacher Coach’ and ‘Grow – change your mindset change your life’ are available in the Books section of this website to support this work.

For more information use the Contact page or Email jackieabeere@gmail.com