Raising aspirations and achievement for staff and students through a growth mindset

“This report shows that mindsets matter – they can hold us back or propel us forward to achieve more. This insight needs to be applied more systematically in our education system.” – DEMOS

Book this immersive one-day workshop with Jackie Beere OBE, the UK’s lead trainer on growth mindset in schools. Your teaching staff will receive classroom resources, Powerpoint slides, growth mindset exercises and a copy of Jackie’s award-winning book GROW.  This workshop has been rated “excellent” or “very good” by 96% of teachers.  

Recent DEMOS reports reveal that mindset is as important a predictor of academic achievement as students’ socio-economic background.  The reports show a decline in school children’s self-belief and resilience between the ages of 14 and 18.  By the time they leave school, 68% feel like a failure if they don’t succeed at a task, affecting both academic results and employment outcomes.

In response to the report, schools are being urged to develop pupils with a ‘growth mindset’ to raise achievement and close the gap.  Those already implementing a growth mindset culture are seeing a huge impact on the achievement of all, from the very able children to those who find learning tough. They are also developing growth mindsets amongst staff which is creating powerful and sustainable CPD.  As the DEMOS report Mind over Matter says – ‘a growth mindset should be a requirement for becoming a teacher’.


  • Develop a growth mindset amongst students in the classroom to raise achievement
  • Use growth mindset principles to close the gap with disadvantaged pupils
  • Create a culture of aspiration in your school
  • Turn teachers into role models for pupils
  • Improve pupils’ speaking and listening skills in line with the new Oracy Skills Framework
  • Build pupils’ confidence and motivation, and challenge their limiting beliefs
  • Pick up strategies for assessment and feedback that help learners develop a growth mindset
  • Develop emotionally intelligent staff through growth mindset related CPD strategies


  • A hardback copy of GROW – Jackie Beere’s inspirational new book on developing a growth mindset
  • Classroom resources and materials
  • An action plan and timeline for becoming a growth mindset school
  • PowerPoint slides from the workshop

This course is run by our sister company: LOVE PUBLIC SPEAKING. (Contact details below).



New demands on schools: why growth mindset is the future

  • How changes in the examination system are dictating new priorities
  • Why a growth mindset is now crucial for staff and students
  • Managing high levels of anxiety in staff and students
  • How embedding a growth mindset culture improves well-being and raises achievement

Turning teachers into role models for pupils

  • How teachers impact pupils’ attitudes to learning and change
  • Strategies for developing a growth mindset amongst staff
  • What the latest neuroscience findings tell us about learning habits


Building growth mindset into teaching and learning

  • Raising aspirations and expectations in the classroom
  • Creating the learning habit: independent learning in and out the classroom
  • Project work that inspires and motivates learners
  • Priming the brain to be curious at the start of each lesson

13.00 — LUNCH

Developing pupils’ communication skills in line with the new Oracy Skills Framework

  • Developing pupils’ speaking and listening skills
  • Confidence-building activities for the classroom

Assessment and feedback that develops a growth mindset

  • Using praise and reward to drive progress and cultivate a growth mindset
  • Marking techniques that promote the value of learning

Addressing individual needs to close the progress gap for learners

  • Using a growth mindset culture to differentiate in the classroom
  • Helping high-achievers manage perfectionist tendencies
  • Creating emotionally intelligent learners who are self-motivated and resilient


Embedding long-term change

  • Building growth mindset into CPD: self-evaluation, peer coaching, performance management and lesson observations
  • Engaging parents in promoting a growth mindset culture at home
  • Timeline and action plan for embedding a growth mindset culture for 2017 and beyond


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