GROWTH MINDSET 101: From the inside out

Jackie Beere’s unique guide to creating a growth mindset culture in your school or team

“We can only grow if we know how to do it for ourselves.  Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

Did you know that research shows metacognitive approaches (growth mindset principles) have been shown to help pupils make an average of 8 months’ additional progress?  In her brand new INSET programme, Jackie Beere OBE will show you how to create a long-term growth mindset culture that will empower learners for life, impacting on their exam results and employment opportunities.

Jackie Beere’s team has a proven track record for helping schools throughout the UK and beyond to transform the culture of learning amongst staff and students.  They do it by focusing on everyone in the organisation learning how to become the very best learner they can be.  This involves understanding how our thinking works and how to manage it for maximum success and happiness.  This course addresses the new ‘character education’ Ofsted requirements, but more importantly it addresses the crisis of confidence in our education system that has led to more anxious, stressed students and teachers.

Bespoke programmes are created for schools depending on their needs, but a typical agenda would include:

  • Why mindset matters
  • How to manage your thinking for resilience
  • How the brain works for maximum engagement in learning
  • Putting communication skills – interpersonal and intrapersonal – at the heart of school improvement
  • Practical ideas to develop a learning mindset every day, in every classroom
  • Feedback – the breakfast of champions!  How to make it work to grow learners
  • Mindfulness, mindsets and a powerful visualisation exercise

Please note. Jackie’s diary has limited availability so training needs to be booked well in advance.