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This is a one-day course is offered as above or at your own venue. It is designed in collaboration with the amazing Love Public Speaking team to answer questions you may have such as:

Are you successful yet self-doubting?

Do you waste time and energy worrying about things that never happen?

Would you choose to think in a different way if it would help you be more confident, successful, or content with life?

Success, resilience and self-acceptance are something we strive for in our careers and personal lives. The key is being able to manage your thinking so that you can challenge your limiting beliefs and break habits of self-doubt that hold you back.

Growth Mindset is a ground-breaking idea put forward by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck, after decades of research on achievement and success. When we adopt a growth mindset, we believe that our basic qualities like behaviours, intelligence or talent, can be developed through dedication and hard work; that effort is the path to mastery. This view creates a world where anything is possible, one where we are continually learning and evolving.

In this mindset, we are a work in progress – there is no such thing as a mistake, only a learning experience. We are less hard on ourselves and no longer afraid to take on challenges because we don’t fear failure. We can develop better relationships with others because we become more flexible, empathetic, and accepting of their learning journey too.

In this practical, one-day course led by international speaker and author, Jackie Beere OBE, learn how to develop a growth mindset and change your life.

  • Break habits of self-doubt
  • Welcome challenges and thrive on change
  • Get clarity about what makes you happy and how to get it
  • Be a confident, empathetic communicator
  • Overcome fear of failure and perfectionist tendencies
  • Develop healthy, flexible and kind relationships with others

On the course…

  • Take part in practical exercises to change your thinking habits
  • Discover your default setting using a mood monitor
  • Take a quiz to find out how resilient you are
  • Experience an NLP visualisation exercise to build confidence

Take home…

  • A hard back copy of GROW the book, written by Jackie Beere OBE
  • A timeline with your future goals

Still not sure? Want to learn more? Call Love Public Speaking on 0207 525 9501 or email us by clicking here and we’ll tell you more about the course, or give you some advice on how we can best help you.