Making an impact in the classroom and staffroom through outstanding presenting skills

Communication skills are at the heart of being an effective teacher and school leader.  Those that communicate the best, get the best results both inside and outside of the classroom.

In this interactive workshop, develop your presenting and rapport-building skills as you take part in practical speaking exercises to become a more inspiring and influential communicator.  The workshop is run by Carrie Swift, Jackie Beere’s daughter and the founder of Love Public Speaking.

You will learn how to:

  • Become more dynamic and engaging in the classroom, or…
  • Develop your leadership skills as you become a more influential school leader who engages, inspires and motivates other staff


  • Have greater impact in the classroom as they learn body language and voice techniques that build powerful rapport with students and motivates them
  • Become better role models for each other as they build their confidence in presenting at INSET days
  • Become more adaptable in the way they communicate with different types of audiences
  • Get better at dealing with challenging questions (such as from parents) as they develop their impromptu speaking skills
  • Gain better awareness of how effectively they are engaging students/staff when presenting
  • Understand how to make lesson content/presentations more memorable as they use techniques like storytelling to engage the emotional brain
  • Embed a growth mindset culture in school as they practise giving each other feedback on how they communicate
  • Set up an in-school public speaking group for staff and/or students

Book course here on Love Public Speaking website.  A limited number of free places are available for CPD Coordinators / Headteachers looking to trial the course for in-school training.  Please email for further details.


9.30 (AM session) or 14:00 (PM session)

  • Why is it so crucial to be able to present well in school?
  • 1 minute speaking exercise + feedback: give an elevator pitch on your subject or school
  • Changing how you approach public speaking activities in school and putting yourself forward for opportunities to present/lead
  • 5 tips on how to overcome public speaking nerves
  • Body language and voice techniques that build powerful rapport, and inspire and motivate others

Coffee break

  • 1 minute speaking exercise + feedback: repeat previous exercise but employ speaking techniques
  • 2 minute speaking exercise: pitch an idea on something you want to do to improve your school/results in the classroom
  • Goal-setting and how to set up a public speaking group in school for staff/students
  • Feedback speeches: feedback to each other via a 1-2 minute speech
  • Positive visualisation exercise to build confidence

13:00 (AM session) or 17:30 (PM session)


“Despite teaching for a number of years and loving it, I had a phobia about public speaking in front of my colleagues and outside of the classroom. After suffering years of frustration and anxiety and being held back professionally by this terror I finally decided to do something about it and I was lucky enough to stumble upon the website; Love Public Speaking, run by Carrie Swift. I arranged for Carrie to come into the college where I work and was amazed by the interest in the training from my colleagues. It transpired that there were so many of us who felt the same sense of panic when it came to speaking in a formal arena. The workshop was half a day, run in small groups and I can honestly say that in twelve years this is the best training I have ever received. Carrie made us all feel at ease and discussed thoroughly the psychological and physiological aspects of our phobia, whilst teaching us practical ways to deal with it. Carrie was inspirational and I am, for the first, time working towards overcoming my fear of public speaking; I can truly see a light at the end of the tunnel. I believe there is so much benefit to this training in schools and colleges, both for staff and students. If I had received this kind of help when I was young, I don’t believe I would have carried my phobia around with me for my adult working life; I wouldn’t wish for any young person to be as terrified and as held back as I have been. I can’t recommend Carrie and Love Public Speaking highly enough and would strongly urge school and college leaders to consider this training for their staff and students.”

Helen Parsons, Head of Classical Civilisation, St. Dominics Sixth Form College


  • A hard back copy of GROW – an award-winning book by former Headteacher Jackie Beere OBE
  • Materials to set up a public speaking group in-school for staff or students where you give each other feedback
  • positive visualisation audio to listen to at home before you present
  • Course handbook with practical tips and advice


This teacher training runs as an open course for individuals: book here

It is also available as in-school training.  Please email for further information or a quote.

Read an interview with former outstanding Headteacher, Jackie Beere OBE on her own personal journey to overcoming fear of public speaking and find out why she believes public speaking should be the next big thing in schools.