Outstanding Coaching

Do you need to move more of your staff towards outstanding?

If so, this course will help them on their way! The powerful difference between performance management and performance improvement is explored as are the differences between training, mentoring, counselling and coaching. The crucial importance of using coaching to improve performance is that, during a coaching conversation, the solutions to improving teaching come from the coachee – not the coach. This ensures greater engagement with the process and a much greater chance of a successful outcome.

Many leaders and managers ask where the time for coaching will come from. We will show you a proven, systematic coaching model which needs no more than a 7 – 10 minute conversation and which will:

  • identify a problem or aspect of performance which needs improvement
  • get the coachee to come up with strategies they might try and…
  • decide an agreed way in which the coach can evalute how well the strategies worked

The course will give everyone opportunities to practice the model, both as coach and coachee.

For teachers

Find out what Ofsted considers to be outstanding teaching and learning. Do any of your staff feel that getting there is too much to achieve? This course will help them by showing how outstanding teaching can be achieved one small step at a time.

We have identified 16 aspects of  outstanding lessons and what is inadequate and outstanding practice for each aspect. The coachee is encouraged to concentrate on just one aspect at a time, or on some other aspect of their performance of their own choosing, and to work with a coach to improve this. All this and more can be found in ‘The Perfect (Teacher) Coach’ by Jackie Beere and Terri Broughton. Find out more about this popular book here.

For business and industry

The course can be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation, whether it be to hone leadership skills, inter-personal skills or some other aspect of performance. Please use the Contact page to tell us about your requirements.