NLP |Neurolinguistic Programming Courses

Neurolinguistic Programming can help you manage your mind to be as confident, motivated and successful as you deserve to be!  It is often called the ‘manual for the  mind’ and can give you strategies and techniques that will be useful in all aspects of your working and personal lives.

Jackie is a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP who trained with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna and has used NLP techniques to coach and train students, teachers and other professionals  for several years. She can offer courses or consultancy based on NLP strategies which include:

* the principles of NLP
* techniques of anchoring and visualisation
* how to use NLP to develop social and emotional intelligence
* NLP the essential skills for effective leaders
* practical exercises to create states of mind that are effective for critical situations
* resources and references for further development


The founders of NLP, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, studied psychologists who had achieved outstanding results with their patients.  They modelled every aspect of their language, their non-verbal communication and their internal dialogue.  They discovered that by copying the behaviour of these experts and the way they think, you too can achieve outstanding results!